Extract all links from a website

Extract all links from a website, link extractor tool is used to scan and extract links from HTML of a web page. Simply enter web site and receive a table of links that are extracted from the target page

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Link Extractor

Purpose of using this tool

This tool will help you get inside the structure of that website and show you the details of the links you want in the most intuitive and fastest way.

How to use this tool?

Why use this tool?


1. How can i internal link extractor in website? First you copy a website address and paste it into the input form and then click "Link Extractor". A list of links will appear below, then you select the "Internal Links Only" Tab and see the results are the links in the website you enter.

2. Link extractor tool can find links to social networks? Yes, you just need to enter the website address and see the results of external links in the "External Links Only" Tab. here you can see the social network links the site is linking to

3. What information can the link extractor tool display?

This tool displays the following 4 types: