Extract Email From Text

Extract Email From Text is a tool that reads the content in the text and filters the email addresses contained in it and shows it to you. You can copy the content from word, excel, pdf, notepad and paste it into the textarea form

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 Extract Emails 


How to use Extract Email From Text?

- You just need to copy the content and paste it into this tool. then press the "Extract Emails" button. The tool will automatically filter out the emails contained in your text and return you a list of found emails

- There are three options for you to include the email container

  • Upload a text file from under your computer or phone in the form "Import .txt file"
  • Copy and paste your url into the "Load Source" form
  • Copy the text anywhere and paste it into the INPUT form

After clicking "Extract Emails", an email list will appear in the Output form. you can choose to export to .xlsx or .txt file or copy directly to store somewhere for use

Why use this tool?

  • You have a large document, you use it manually which is very time consuming. When using this tool you just need to copy and paste
  • You search on google.com, bing.com, yahoo.com for something and there is a lot of information you need to filter out in it's email list. You just need to copy and put the text into this tool and get the results in a snap

Purpose of using this tool

  • Saves you a lot of time compared to manually filtering each email
  • You can use advanced search on search engines like google, bing, yahoo... to get a certain amount of emails, then you use this email extractor tool.
  • After getting the email list, you can use the next tool to filter the emails that are alive or not


1. Can i use "Extract email from text" tool to filter email from word, excel, ppt document? Yes, you just need to open your document and copy and paste it into the INPUT section of this tool and then click the "Extract Emails" button. The result will be displayed in the OUTPUT . section

2. How can i extract email from google, bing, yahoo using this tool? It's too simple, you just need to go to google, bing, yahoo search engine then enter search keywords like: ceo "@gmail.com", sale "@yahoo.com", cfo "@alo.com" ... Then copy the searchable text and paste it into the INPUT section of this tool. Or you can copy the link and paste it into the "Load Source" form. The list of found emails will be displayed in the OUTPUT section for you

3. After extracting email from text, how do i know if received email list is valid or alive? On our website, there is a tool to let you check that email list, follow the instructions to use the Bulk Email Verifier.

4. I have many text files, can I upload them all at once? I'm sorry, currently the email extractor from text can only process one file at a time, we will upgrade the multi-file upload function next time and announce it on our website

5. How can i find email list like @gettempmail.com? The simplest, you go to google search engine or another tool type the keyword "@gettempmail.com", the list of results will appear in the search engine. You copy and paste that result into the INPUT form of this tool. The OUTPUT output will be an email list of the type @gettempmail.com found. for more results you search with: keyword + "@gettempmail.com"

Define: GetTempMail is a temporary email address for receiving emails. Do not disclose your real email address to everyone to protect your privacy and anonymity.