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Qr code is a tool that directly encodes the content in the image to help you quickly access the content to be encoded through the phone camera such as url address, bank account, phone number, company introduction information. ..

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What is qr code?

QR code allows 2-way encryption. a qr code can store information such as: text, sms, phone number to save in contacts, website address to open without entering armband...You just need to use your mobile phone's camera through Through QR code scanning software, you can know the information contained in it

How to generate qr code?

If you want to generate qr code for phone number or text message you need to enter in "Text or Url" form. If you want users to open a website address you need to fill in a valid url, then you can include your logo in your qr code in the form "Logo" for privacy then choose the size for the qr code your code and click the "QR Code Generator" button to generate the code. if you want to download to print you can click the "Download" button and use it for your own


1. Are qr codes generated on this website restricted?
There is no restriction when you generate qr code on this website, you can use it where you want and unlimited number of times to generate qr code

2. I want to generate qr code for my facebook page, how to do?
Very simple. Your facebook page is like a website address, you just copy the url of your profile page and enter it in the "Text or Url" form and click the "QR Code Generator" button to generate the qr code. To use it you just need to display it where you want

Also you can use qr code for the following information

  • Instagram page
  • Facebook page
  • Paypal payment link
  • Linkedin page
  • ........

3. What image formats are supported by the tool when generating qr codes?
Currently our website supports you to download the .PNG image format. With this format you can paste on cards, brochures, profiles...

4. Is it possible to generate multiple qr codes for the same content?
There are many ways to represent the qr code for a given content, some of which are easy and difficult to read. However, many code generators don't choose which code is better, which leads to more code reading tools that are harder to decipher.

5. Can i add logo or tagline to my qr code?
Yes you can, you can add your logo or tagline in the "Logo" form and select the file under your computer to upload. The tool will put this image in the center of your qr code, so you will have a branded qr code

6. Can i generate qr code for my email?
Okay. Technically your email is a text so you just need to enter your email in the "Text or Url" form to get the qr code