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Bulk Email Checker is a live email checker with 99% accuracy, the free version gives you a limit check on the number of emails you need to upgrade to the paid version for unlimited checking. Currently this tool allows you to check email 10 emails at a time but unlimited number of times.

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Bulk Email Verifier Features

  • Bulk Email Verifier is able to verify whether an email address is valid or not. An email address is considered as valid if a message sent to this email address will be delivered. it is a good way to filter an email list before trying to send a message.
  • Bulk Valid Email Verifier is a 100% working effective tool to verify or check bulk emails.. It tests if the email list is valid or exists at all and classified all verified emails into 3 groups: Valid - Exists, Valid - Not Exists & Invalid. Its 3 types of different email verification system can provide 100% correct result.
  • Bulk Email Verifier does not send any emails to target email addresses, it only verifies whether sending is possible. Owners of target email addresses thus are unaware that an email verification check was done. The verification is done using a combination of DNS and SMTP protocol techniques.
  • Bulk Email Verifier offers you two processing modes fast and deep.
  • Welcome to Bulk Email Verifier, a powerful email verification online free. Load email or domain lists from TXT files and the validation process starts with a syntax checking. It has complex email address validation algorithms minimizes bounced emails. Verify Email addresses in mailings, stops email bouncing. It can perform several checks against an email address including syntax, dns MX lookup, top level domain name validation, and even mail server validation.
  • To get bulk email lists for bulk email verifier, you can use the Email Extractor tool here

Why use Bulk Email Verifier

  • if you have a large email list, the use of Bulk Email Verifier is very necessary because it will help you optimize your time to create a clean email list
  • Free online email list checking service, no installation required, large number of checks, high quality email list
  • Eliminate spam traps, bounces of email filtering tools of email service providers
  • When you create an account and log in, you can save your test results online, making it easy to work anywhere with an internet connection.

How does Bulk Email Checker work?

Based on reflection. when an email is checked, the system will send a junk email to the mail server of the checked email, if there is an echo, the email exists, otherwise the email does not exist or is invalid


1. I want to use free unlimited email verifier online, what should I do?
- Currently the tool is free for all users so you can check unlimited number of times but limited to 10 emails at a time.

2. How to get email list to check email is alive or invalid?
- if you don't have a check email list you can use our email extractor tool where you can search and select the type of email list you want

3. Why do i have to verify my email before using
- Some email delivery tools will not let you send if the success rate is low, because it will mean you spam emails. you must check bulk email before sending to increase the successful delivery rate

4.What is mass email verifier?
- It is a tool that allows you to check bulk email list. for example you have a large number of emails, you cannot check each email one by one, it is inefficient and time consuming. Using this tool you just need to break down your list to check them

5. Is free bulk email verifier online or offline?
- All email verification tools are online tools, because without confirmation from the email server it is impossible to know if the email exists or not. offline tool only works if it only checks if the email is valid or not